I’m actually a really shy person.


Like when you first meet me, our conversation is going to be awkward no matter what because I wouldn’t have any idea what to talk about. It’s also worse when you’re cute. But if you wait a little I’ll get comfortable talking with you. Then I’ll start talking so much that it’ll annoy you. I really do talk a lot.

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so much things to do, but so little time. this is what i get for procrastinating. I’m going to be up all night. I want school to be over with already.

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I stopped talking to a lot of people. time to start hitting up my old friends. 

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pho in the morning. yummm~

I wish I knew what I really meant to you.

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I was just temporarily important to you.

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In the end, all you really have is yourself.

Anonymous asked: Do you talk to her everyday?

usually but i haven’t talked to her as much for the last 3 days because a friend of mine told me to move on.